Economics books

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What are the books to be studied for Economics mains
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As per UPSC topper Archana Nair, Rank: 7th in Civil Services Exam,2005.

Books used for Economics:
Micro: H L Ahuja
Macro: Jhingan, Shapiro
International trade: Mannur
Public Finance: H L Bhatia
Money/Banking: S B Gupta
Growth and Development: Jhingan, Todaro
Indian Economics : Misra and Puri
Economic Survey

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An exhaustive list of books is mentioned useful for Both Prelims and Mains
Paper I

1. Micro: Koutsoyyiannis(for Prelims), Ahuja (for Both) or any other good book.
2. Macro: Shapiro (Mains), Dornbusch and fischer, Ahuja.(Prelims)
3. Monetray: SB Gupta (For both) M L Jhingan (for Mains only)
4. Public Finance: Bhatia and any good notes.
5. International Economics: Soderston (prelims), Mannur (Mains) or any other book.
6. National Income Accounting: Class 12th book of CBSE- any one for Prelims.
7. Growth and Development: M L Jhingan, Meir and Baldwin., read any one or two latest book of Amratya Sen.
8. Statistics: Only for Prelims (Class 11th and 12th NCERT books)

Paper II
1. Indian Economy: R. Dutt and Sundaram.(for Prelims)
2. Indian Economy: Mishra & Puri (for Prelims)
3. Indian Economy: A N Agrawala (for Both)
4. Indian Economy: Uma Kapila (for Mains only)
5. Indian Economy: Economic Survey -last two years
6. Indian Economy: Budget-3 years, Very important from prelims point of view.
7. Indian Economy: latest two Monetary & Credit Policy (mid term and annual). Latest data about CRR, SLR and Repos rate should be known.,
8. Different reports like Human Development Report, World Development Reports (available on net) and many other good reports.
9. Any good economy/business newspaper


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